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Craniosacral Therapy

2. Basis of the Craniosacral Therapy

The pulsation called "Life-Breath" by Dr. Sutherland and compared with ebb and flow (rhythmic at movement) gives diagnostic and therapeutic informations. This "breath" is directly connected to the cell-breathing of the central nervous system, which regulates the respiration of the lungs (secondary respiration) and all bodily functions.

It is distributed by the cerebral and spinal liquor simultaneously to all cells of the body, where it organizes the healing and regulating powers of the body and thus strengthens our health.

The liquor is the highest known element contained in the body. If there is an insufficient amount of liquor a handicapped physical condition will remain, but if it is stimulated, the body can be restored to health. The plan of treatment is lying within the tissue itself.

Further topics:

1. Insights into this therapy
3. What are the effections of the treatment?
4. When will the Craniosacral Therapy be applied?
5. How is this craniosacral treatment carried out?


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